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A tiring day deserves a great treat of a snack… or maybe even if you are just plain hungry, Mamang's Food House is here for you! Mamang's Food House offers affordable snacks for those on a tight budget! From street foods to cakes and pastries and the never-going-out-of-trend milktea, there is something for everyone! It's so much fun to browse through their food offerings and pick out what you fancy to eat with your friend or alone for a relaxing time. Mamang's Food House offers good food that you can rely on for a quick bite when you're on the go and can't think of what to get yourself a bite to eat! Their affordable prices make it easy for everyone to come and enjoy a nice meal without having to worry about spending too much on food and drinks. And if you are looking for cakes for your birthday party or any occasion, or now that Valentine's Day is so close, look no further as Mamang's Food House has got you covered! Their cakes are a must-try! Pay them a visit at Captain Jabulin Street, Zone 5A Camansi, Iponan, Cagayan de Oro City. Visit and like their official Facebook page (Mamangs Cakes & Pastries) to know them more. You can also message them for inquiries.

Photos by: Mamangs Cakes & Pastries


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