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Lilpat Lechon

By: Mona Lagbas

Enjoy the savory, shining, mouth-watering, crispy, juicy, and flavorful Lechon Baboy, only at Lilpat Lechon where lechon baboy has only pure meat and fewer belly fats, is roasted in a traditional method with love and lenghty time which makes the lechon crunchy outside and tender inside. The spices are carefully chosen by the owner which makes the Lechon Baboy taste amazing. Each bite gives you a burst of flavor that you just have to try! So if you are looking for lechon, choose Lilpat Lechon! They are the best and they also sell Lechon/Kilo, Lechon Ulo or Lechon Belly. Try also their special Lilpat Sukang Anghang sauce for only 70 Pesos! For more information, visit or message their Facebook Page: Lilpat Lechon or call 0997-172-8706.

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