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LGU Ozamiz holds Asenso Diamond ‘Gabi ng Parangal’

OZAMIZ CITY, Misamis Occidental (PIA)--In commemoration of the 75th Charter Day, the Local Government of Ozamiz City holds the prestigious 2023 Asenso Diamond Gabi ng Parangal at the Ozamiz City Gymnasium, July 15, paying tribute to extraordinary individuals, establishments, and business establishments whose unwavering commitment has been instrumental in the city’s growth and progress. City Mayor Henry "Indy" Oaminal expressed appreciation to the honoree for their support, sacrifices, and contribution to the city. "For the past 75 years, it's not only through giving simple tokens or recognition, but it's making sure that all they contributed will not go to waste and all that they have done for the city will remain good news that all the reasons behind your sacrifices and your belief in the city that it can flourish once more as it once did more than 75 years ago is something that can be a possibility again," he shared. PLtCol Jovie Espenido thanked the Oaminal family for their support and partnership with law enforcers, which resulted in the liberation of Ozamiz from its dark days. Misamis Occidental Governor Henry S. Oaminal, Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) Secretary Ivan John E. Uy, and Tennis Champion Maria Edna Charisse Godoy-Java received the awards for Most Outstanding Ozamiznon during the 2023 Asenso Diamond "Gabi ng Parangal." The highlight of the ‘Gabi ng Parangal’ is also the awarding of former President Rodrigo Roa Duterte, former Ozamiz City Police Chief Lt. Col. Jovie Espenido, the Ozamiz-Filipino-Chinese Chamber of Commerce Inc., as well as the city’s oldest educational institutions and business establishments, including Ozamiz City Central School, Misamis Union High School, New Lam Chiong, FYT Hardware Corporation, Lim Ho Chuan Seng Enterprises, Ozamiz La Suerte Merchandise Corporation, Anas Multi Trade Merchandise Corporation, Ozamiz Ong Hok Marketing Corporation, and Ozamiz Shoemate. The city also acknowledged and awarded the plaque of appreciation to the families of Señora Prospera Bernad (heirs of Don Ramon Bernad), Santiago M. Lao, and Narciso A. Lim, who generously donated their properties for public use. (SMRN/PIA-10/Misamis Occidental)

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