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LGU Officials and Miss Villanueva bets visit Steag

Steag was honored to welcome the officials and personnel of LGU Villanueva and the stunning candidates for the 2023 Search for Miss Villanueva to its Mindanao Power Plant! Their visit was a part of the Villanueva Industrial Tourism Promotion Program, and Steag is happy to sharer best practices with them.Steag thanks the group, led by Villanueva Tourism Officer, Architect Paul Perocello, and Elsa Mortola, for their kind words about Steag's warm accommodation and commitment to running a highly efficient, reliable, and responsible power plant. Steag is proud to contribute to the overall development of its host community and support the growth of Villanueva as Northern Mindanao's industrial hub. SPI, believes in fostering partnerships and promoting industrial tourism initiatives that create positive social impact. Steag, in unison with host communities, strives to drive sustainable development and make a difference in the region. #SPIPowerPlant #IndustrialTourism #CommunityDevelopment


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