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Kyokushinryu karate

kyokushinryu karate

For self-defense and discipline and to relive stress, its best to train in martial arts. And one of the best ways to achieve these is to enrol at Kyokushinryu Karate Alliance Cagayan de Oro-Misamis Oriental dojos or gyms. Located at Opol, Misamsi Oriental and at the top floor of the Marel Bldg at the corner of Pabayo and Hayes sts cdo, Kyokushinryu accepts students from four years of age to the senior age of 70.

According to Sensei Romeo Palma, they offer free style, self-defense and full sports training and help instill discipline among their students.

Kyokushinryu Karate alliance has joined national competitions and is now preparing for more events.


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