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Kutis Ph by Stephy Fab - 100% organic and affordable

ALL of the beauty and bath essentials at Kutis Ph by Stephy Fab are organic, safe for pregnant women and lactating moms, safe for any skin, kid-friendly, proven effective, new but very competitive with other brands and formulated with the best natural ingredients and actives.

Kutis Ph by Steph Fab is based here in Cagayan de Oro but it is patronized by women nationwide that you can already order it via Shoppee (Kutis Ph by Stephy Fab).

They sell organic soap with free soap mesh in the following variants: gluta-Kojic, madre de cacao, glass skin, arbutin, charcoal and sulfur. They also sell sunflower oil (melon, fresh bamboo, vanilla); 3-in-1 ultrawhite face cream, body lotion and UV sunscreen with niacinamide, collagen and kwao krua; and glass skin collagen serum

. And then there's the following cosmetics: lip and cheek tint with vitamin E, magic lip and cheek glow, HD matte tint, lipdip velvet, brow soap, lip therapy with vitamin E and castor oil for lashes and brow hair growth. All of these products are pigmented, blendable,

safe to any skin type and have a natural looking touch. For details, just visit Kutis Ph by Stephy Fab on Facebook.


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