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Daydreaming of good-baked sushi? Make it a reality now! Order your sushi bake at Koo’s Aburi Trays.

Koo’s Aburi Trays presents you with their flavorful and mouth-watering sushi bake. A twist on traditional sushi. Stuff your stomach with their delectable sushi bake. On the menu are: Kani Aburi, Salmon Aburi, Cheesy Chicken Teriyaki Aburi, and mini California sushi.

They also offer you their signature California sushi cake made of sushi rice, crabstick, cucumber, mango and masago (fish roe). Koo's Aburi Trays uses only the freshest ingredients in their sushi bake to ensure quality and taste with each tray creatively presented. Koo's Aburi Trays for unique and delicious sushi options.

For our sweets lovers out there, Koo's Aburi Trays also offers delightful dessert bars, which by the way, are the perfect way to cap off your sushi feast. They have a chocolate reveal bar, fudgy brownie and food for the gods. Be sure to leave them a message for a box of sweetness and goodness. Hurry, order now. You can message them through their Facebook page kooaburitrays. Don't forget to like and follow them.

When it comes to baked sushi and dessert bars, leave it to Koo’s Aburi Trays.


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