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Kape Dionisio

Make your day with coffee that is worth talking about and that is none other than quality coffee at Kape Dionisio! Taste Kape Dionisio’s passion in every sip of their premium coffee. Established in 2021, Kape Dionisio is just at the corner of 7th and 21st st. in Nazareth, CDO.

Kape Dionisio also serves the famous Eggdrop sandwich, available in three irresistible flavors, pork ham, bacon and spam! Coffee and Eggdrop sandwich, the fabulous pair, only from Kape Dionisio! Craving for this delectable pair but cannot go out? No problem, Kape Dionisio delivers thru Grabfood and Maxim. Place your orders now thru Kape Dionisio’s Facebook and Instagram pages or call 0965-172-1842, COD, GCash, Paymaya and Bank Transfers are indeed welcome. Eggdrop sandwiches and premium coffee is served with passion only at Kape Dionisio!


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