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Juice Boost - a thirst quencher that is one liter tall

HAVE you ever sipped from a cup of juice that is literally one liter tall? That's exactly the concept that Juice Boost is promoting. But here's the twist. That cup of juice is so massive that the guys at Juice Boost decided to inject one more straw in the cup.

Which means that two people can sip at the cup at one time. So Juice Boost is ideal for lovers and couples but wait! That's not exactly why Juice Boost was conceptualized. The creator of Juice Boost were avid gym afficionados and needed to rehydrate after a couple hours of workout. They could not find the size of drinks at grocery shelves that could immediately satifsy their thirst so they created one themselves.

And so Juice Boost was born. From its founding in 2014 to the present, Juice Boost has retained the same sizes and taste. It is available in three flavors - the original one in iced tea lemon and two more flavors: cucumber & lime and citrus & green tea fusion. So why cucumber and lime? The health conscious creators of Juice Boost know that cucumber and lime lower your blood pressure, support healthy skin and boost bone health.

And why citrus and green tea fusion? Because green tea fights cancer, lowers cholesterol, prevents cavities and speeds metabolism. Juice Boost is located at the second level of the original SM Uptown building as well as the second level of Ororama Cogon.

Juice Boost is available on Food Panda too during mall hours. Take your one liter of wellness at Juice Boost!


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