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JM Shawarma

By Mona Lagbas

What is JM Shawarma? JM’s Shawarma offers Middle Eastern food fare with a Filipino twist to give you the best-tasting shawarma. It boasts of regular and all-meat shawarma wraps, shawarma noodles, and shawarma rice. JM Shawarma offers the following bestselling variants; Regular shawarma, shawarma overload and rice shawarma, all available with an authentic taste at affordable prices and have no preservatives. JM Shawarma was established by Therese Faye M. Ricardel in May of 2019 and actually opened at the ground floor of Gaisano Balingasag in January this year. JM Shawarma also has shawarma wrap, all-meat shawarma, shawarma in cheesy wrap and shawarma noodles. JM Shawarma can be reached at 09177714648. So, for that preservative-free, authentic and really tasty shawarma, make it JM Shawarma Balingasag!

Photos by JM Shawarma Balingasag


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