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Introducing LB's Milktea Corner the first sports-themed cafe in CDO!

introducing LB's Milktea Corner the first sports-themed cafe in CDO! LB's Milktea Corner features not just the ubiquitous milk tea and fruit teas, it will dazzle you with the very sporty interiors. While chatting the time away enjoying your snacks and drinks, wander at the confines of LB's Milktea Corner where you can see and touch dozens of memorabilia from various sports: basketball, volleyball, ping pong, baseball, football, soccer and boxing. That's because the owner herself has been an active athlete during her high school and college days. Entrepreneur Lean Barcenas is indeed enjoying the best of both worlds and has certainly applied them in her career.

While taking up Hotel and Restaurant Management in college, she was already a volleyball varsity in both her tertiary and secondary years joining in such prestigoius competitions as Milo BEST, Shakey's V-League, Brent International School and many more. After serving as a barista in Australia for a short stint, Lean decided to return home to Cagayan de Oro and established her own cafe where she's now enjoying both food and sports! LB's Milktea Corner offers the milky series (dark choco, strawberry, avocado, matchaberry), originals (classic, wintermelon with Oreo, red velvet, cookieberry, matcha, dark chocolate, nutella), cheesecake series (boba, Okinawa etc.), hot drinks (hot choco with mallows, hot tea) and fruit teas (lemonade, lychee, strawberry, kiwi, honey dew).

Pair that with pasta (creamy tuna pasta, tuna pesto pasta, Spanish sardines pasta), rice meals (beef salpicao with rice, shawarma with rice, lumpia rolls with rice, dimsum siomai with rice, corned beef with rice, sliced chicken hotdog with rice, longganisa with rice, tuna flakes with rice, burger steak) or snacks (lumpia rolls, cheesy overload fries, sour cream fries, colored cheesy nachos, Korean ramen). LB's Milktea Corner which is obviously named after Lean herself is located along Gaerlan-Pabayo this city. They are open from 10:00 a.m. onwards every day. SOME PHOTOS COURTESY OF PROJECT LUPAD

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