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Hangout Resto Uptown

Unlimited food and drinks at Hangout Resto Uptown


It’s a diner during the day and a bar by night, rolled into one. For those working at Pueblo Business Park and residing in the neighboring communities, Hangout Resto Uptown is the quickest and most convenient stop for lunch and dinner. Hangout has a wide array of meal choices, from the tiniest burgers served in multiple edible colors, to the monster burger, tower burger and the 8-inch burger that is served in a mock Ferris wheel. As if these stunning visuals are not enough, fries are served in mini-carts to liven up your dining experience. At Hangout you also get a dose of pizza treats, from bacon and mushroom, to vegetarian, aloha, pepperoni and ham and cheese, available in round, heart or square dough portions. For pasta choose from chicken pesto, spaghetti Bolognese, creamy spaghetti to creamy carbonara. Hangout Resto Uptown's bestseller is their unlimited chicken wings with rice which are available in three flavors: teriyaki, BBQ and sweet & chili. This is a hit among BPO and bank employees nearby as well as residents in neighboring gated villages. For drinks, Hangout Resto Uptown serves frappe like mocha, double dutch, rocky road, cookies and cream; shakes are mango, graham, avocado, strawberry and melon. Their lemonade comes in blue, lemon juice and cucumber juice. By twilight, Hangout Resto Uptown transforms into a bar, complete with acoustic bands entertaining you till 2 a.m. the next day during weeknights and comedy shows are on during weekends. Alcoholic drinks such as wine, beer and hard liquor are then served. Hangout Resto is located at VLC Tower, Pueblo Business Park in uptown Cagayan de Oro, in a safe neighborhood where customers can fully enjoy their dining and drinking experience. For functions, Hangout Resto can accomodate a maximum of 50 persons. For inquiries, please call 09276402264.Hang out safe, hangout at Hangout Resto Uptown.


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