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Get inked at Kvnchoi Tattoo

Get inked at Kvnchoi Tattoo THIS tattoo artist from Cagayan de Oro City is a prodigy. At 15 years old, Kevin Manuta had his first tattoo and was already obsessed with it that he decided to be the tattooer himself. More than a decade passed and now at 27, Kevin has opened his own shop along Gaerlan-Tiano right across CAP building. Around 70 percent of Kvnchoi Tattoo's clients are female and the designs range from minimal to watercolor-based from arms to legs or ribcage. Reserve your session today and call them at 09264550307. Kvnchoi Tattoo is open daily from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. Success has surely come a long way for Kevin Manuta who oftentimes credits his skills alongside Orokru.


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