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Genetix Wellness and Spa

Genetix Wellness and Spa By Mona Lagbas Stressed from work? Stressed from School? Are you experiencing muscle soreness and body pains? Relax and treat yourself to a good massage. Genetix Wellness and Spa offers different body massage specialties and treatments to help alleviate muscle soreness and body pains caused by stress from work or school, or anything that stresses you. You may also avail of their services if you just simply want pire relaxation. Genetix Wellness and Spa offers whole body signature massage, which includes reflexology, acupressure, Swedish and Thai massage, therapeutic body massage, Chair massage (that's popular at Plaza Divisoria), and they have their Hilot Wellness; body massage with ventosa or body massage with banana leaf scanning. Head, back and foot massages are also available. You may also match a relaxing massage with a body scrub for total rejuvenation and relaxation. Genetix Wellness and Spa surely provides services that work for you. You are at ease and know you are in good hands with our experienced therapists. Genetix Wellness and Spa takes pride in their well-trained therapists, fully equipped with skills and knowledge. Remember, you only have one body, give it the best care and pampering it deserves. Book your appointment today at Genetix Wellness and Spa. For queries and bookings, feel free to message them on their Facebook page, Genetix Wellness and Spa or contact them at their cell number 0917 539 5959. They are located at Chavez-Velez Street, Poblacion, Cagayan de Oro. Don't forget to like and follow their Facebook page.Visit them and experience wellness and goodness in one place. Relax, recharge and be rejuvenated only at Genetix Wellness and Spa.


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