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Expresso is a new pop-up cold coffee. It is smooth, rich and flavorful, and above all, it is very affordable! Expresso is selling one flavor and one size variant only and it is iced caramel macchiato at 16 oz, and Expresso has quickly become the talk of the town because of its flavorful and affordable iced caramel macchiato at only 35 PESOS! Experience its energizing kick and its delicious flavor. The quality of the beverage is good, fresh and smooth, unlike your typical iced coffees in the Philippines which are either too milky or diluted in sweetness. It's no wonder that it has been a hit among students around the place. It's the perfect accompaniment to an afternoon of studying or hanging out with friends. Coffee lovers have something to look forward to with Expresso. located at Zone 2 Poblacion, Opol, Misamis Oriental, contact 09175530217 for more information.


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