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Experience Middle Eastern cuisine at its best at Tafaddal

RESIDENTS of uptown Cagayan de Oro, rejoice! Because Tafaddal has opened not just one but two branches in uptown CDO, truly living up to its name. ("Tafaddal" means "being generous" in their servings.) And indeed generous they are. Visit them at SM Uptown CDO Northwing or at King's Food and Music Expo nearby and see for yourself how generous their servings are! It's not just the mixed Arabic tray, even the shrimp kabsa, lamb biryani and chicken kabsa are served aplenty! There's more to that as the list is long.

There's also fattoush salad, tabbouleh salad, yogurt salad, hummus, ganoush, beef kebab, chicken kebab, tawook, chicken mandi, fish biryani, lamb biryani, chicken tandoori, chicken masala, shrimp masala and Indian buttered chicken. The Northwing branch follows mall operating hours while the King's Food Expo is open till the wee hours of the night at Beacon St. in Pueblo de Oro.


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