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Eat healthy always at Volgo

FOR those who are conscious in their diet, there's a joint at King's Food & Music Expo which can satisfy not just your taste buds but your health as well. Volgo CDO specializes in salads such as Go Chicken Breast, Go Avocado & Egg, Go Mediterranean, Go Italian, Go Quinoa, Go Shrimp, Go Greek, Go Crab, Go Tuna and Go Pome. They are available in single bowls, twin bowls, family size or even a salad party.

Volgo CDO also serves burgers such as Go Chicken Grilled, Go Beef Patty Single/Double, Go Mushroom & Beef, Go Shrimp Patty, Go Wagyu, Go Zero Bun Shrimp, Go Zero Bun Chicken and Go Extra Melt Cheese. All burgers have sides with chips. Volgo CDO also serves sandwiches in tuna, grilled chicken, grilled shrimp, ground beef, beef pepperoni, chicken ham, roasted chicken, boiled egg and veggies.

You can choose from 6" or 12" long, baguette or ciabatta, grilled or toasted. Also you can build your own sandwich too. Lastly, Volgo CDO serves crepe too in mango-banana-berries. King's Food & Music Expo is located at Beacon St. in Pueblo de Oro, uptown Cagayan de Oro. A salad a day keeps disease and aging at bay!


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