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Dried flowers made beautiful by Atticus

MODERN times definitely call for modern forms of expression. Fresh flowers are still here to stay of course...but for the hopelessly in love who want to express their emotions "eternally," we offer a new alternative: dried flowers.

Yes you heard it right - dried flowers. Dried flowers are now the in thing these days when one expresses his or her love to another. That's because a bouquet of dried flowers may last as long as three years! Or so that is what florist-entrepreneur Ma. Carmelin or Carmz for short is telling us. Carmz, who started her dried flower shop Atticus from a humble begfnning in 2015, is now the major supplier of dried flowers all over Northern Mindanao. In fact, Atticus's clients reach as far as London where dried flowers are shipped out from here in CDO going all the way intercontinental. That is a testament on how impressive and meticulous Carmz has taken in preserving the dried flowers that they have in their shop.

They've got anahaw, asparagus, brown twigs, bunny tail, casbia, cotton, craspedia balls, dried roses, eucalyptus, fern, fossilized rose, gyphsophila, hair fruit, hydrangeas, imported palm, pampas, lavender, misty, preserved daisy, preserved rose, ruscus, sola flowers, statice, sunflower wood, trigo, Valentine fruit, wheat and white twigs. Do visit them along Cruz Taal St. this city in between Pabayo and Velez to marvel for yourself their floral array. Or for advanced reservation, you may hit them with a message through Facebook or Instagram. Atticus is the Latin word for "classic." In this case, dried flowers is the classic way to woo one's heart!

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