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DeoLuxe Massage and Body Spa

DeoLuxe Massage and Body Spa, your relaxation destination at the shopping mall

FROM the creator of Deoglow Skin Innovations comes another diverse set of relaxation and pampering services – DeoLuxe Massage and Spa.

DeoLuxe Massage and Spa offers Swedish massage, Swedish massage with hot stone, combination massage, combination massage with hot stone, massage with whole body polish and massage with whole body polish and whole body whitening. You can also take the following add-ons: hot stone or Ventosa.

The following special treatments are likewise available: blissful balance (full Swedish and shiatsu signature massage); cool down (deep tissue massage with stretching); kindle (hot stone with full Swedish and shiatsu massage); awaken (Swedish and shiatsu with lymphatic detox massage); sizzle (full body exfoliation with light massage); revamp (facial with neck lymphatic detox); and relax (foot, back and head massage).

Moreover, you can also pick from any of the following relaxation therapies: acupressure shiatsu massage, Thai yoga massage, calm aromatherapy massage, signature zen massage, hot stone rolling massage and essential oil massage therapy.

DeoLuxe Massage and Body Spa also offers the following physical healing therapies: signature foot reflexology with foot massage, Oriental ventosa cupping, hand treatment with paraffin and foot treatment with paraffin.

DeoLuxe Massage and Body Spa is located at the fourth level of SM CDO Downtown Premier. It is open daily during mall hours from 10:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. but it is preferable to set an appointment ahead at 09264251395.


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