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Delectable coolers at Mel's Halo-Halo and Snack Bar

THERE are a lot of halo-halo offerings in various fastfood joints here in the Philippines but what makes halo-halo at Mel's Halo-Halo and Snack Bar unique is its own in-house flavored ice. When it comes to making their signature halo-halo, Mel's Halo-Halo and Snack Bar doesn't use commercial crushed or shaved ice.

They make their own. And they add flavor to it. And the mystery stops there because it's actually a trade secret! So just simply enjoy it. Mel's Halo-Halo and Snack Bar halo-halo comes in six flavors: signature, mais con yelo, mango tapioca, buko pandan, mango graham and avocado graham. The ingredients of the signature halo-halo aren't a mystery though.

They are made of fresh mango, red gulaman, green gulaman, fresh buko, corn flakes and ube ice cream. And of course the flavored ice. Mel's Halo-Halo and Snack Bar also sells milk tea, fruit tea, french fries, hot ramen and meals-to-go.

They are open from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. every day including Sundays at the corner of Tiano and Fernandez streets, this city.


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