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ChonLee By Mona Lagbas It is no secret that most Filipinos love pork. Pork is a mainstay in Filipino cuisine, and it is often served in many ways, including lechon belly. ChonLee is a start-up business that offers homemade Lechon belly. Established in 2018, ChonLee is a combination of the words Lechon and Chun LI, the female fighter protagonist in the anime series Street Fighter. ChonLee's lechon belly is cooked slow because good food takes time to perfect, and combined with essential the ingredient called love. ChonLee's shop is located at Rizal St., Cagayan de Oro. It is a booking-style shop and you can also order through Maxim. Order now for free BBQ Ribs! Message ChonLee thru their Fb Page. So for really crispy and tasty lechon belly, it must only be ChonLee.

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