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Bored with the usual cafes in our city? Then experience something new!

Bored with the usual cafes in our city?

Then experience something new! Try Brave Work Café CDO, the latest aesthetic café in the city. Brave Work Café, located at Atlantic Street, Don Pacifico Arcade, Pueblo Business Park, fronting Uptown Food Strip, Cagayan de Oro, uses high quality ingredients for your satisfaction with every sip and bite.

Meals and desserts are delightful at Brave Work café, as we serve breakfast to dinner everyday from 10am to 9pm. Fall in love with their pasta meals like beef spaghetti,mushroom spaghetti, tuna pesto, spicy tuna pesto, chicken alfredo and carbonara. All-day breakfast delights include tosilog, cornsilog, tapsilog, baconsilog and spamsilog.

Munch into Brave Work Café’s superb sandwiches like clubhouse, tuna, hot chicken, ham, egg and cheese and bacon, egg and cheese! All-time favorites are flavored fries, trio fries, Brave’s signature garden salad, mild ramen with egg and spicy ramen with egg. Savor buffalo wings in garlic parmesan, teriyaki, soy garlic, honey garlic, spicy barbecue and orange chicken flavors! Try Brave work's specialty bowls in chicken teriyaki, creamy garlic mushroom, soy garlic chicken, orange chicken, honey garlic chicken, garlic parmesan chicken and spicy bbq sauce chicken flavors!

Hot, cold and blended caffeinated drinks abound at Brave Work Café, like brewed coffee, americano, cappuccino, caramel macchiato, French vanilla café latte, salted caramel café latte, hazelnut café latte, matcha café latte, café caramel, café mocha and café whit mocha! Frappes are in cookies and cream, salted caramel latte, Belgian dark chocolate, chocoholic’s choice, chocolate truffle, chocolate java chip, white chocolate and matcha green tea! Smoothies are also available in heavenly mango, strawberry delight, mixed berries medley and blueberry delight flavors.

Cool down with cucumber lemonade, pink lychee lemonade, blue lemonade, lemonade and iced tea! Be sure not to miss the delicious beef salpicao! Brave Work Café at uptown CDO!


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