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Bing Coolers now open at Estante Food Centrale

HERE's good news for all Kagay-anons in Divisoria that are returning to face to face work and school modes. In our tropical climate, we need to take refreshments every now and then to get our hydration going.

Bing Coolers is open for your thirst-quenching needs every day of the week so that you need not worry about where to get your drinks once you're outside home and in downtown CDO. To get to Bing Coolers,

they're simply located at the newly reopened Estante Food Centrale along Rizal-Gaerlan. They offer combo drinks (yogurt Soju, fruity Soju) as well as the following: bottled water, soft drinks, orange juice, Nutriboost packed juice, Chuckie packed chocolate drink, Yakult yogurt, iced tea, San Mig Light, flavored beer, soju, Tanduay Ice, Tanduay Ice Blue and Smirnoff Mule. If you wish to dine in there (they are open from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m.)

, you can order lechon manok, liempo, barkada meals, duo meals and rice at The Barn which is located adjacent. So if you are thirsty right now, come and head now to Bing Coolers!

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