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A cast of sexy stars in Vivamax's Anna

FINANCIALl woes can make people do things that’s totally out of character. Their problems may be solved for a while until they suffer yet again. Such is the story of Anna Clemente, the protagonist in the upcoming four-part Vivamax original series called “An/Na”. From the creative mind of the well respected multi-awarded writer/director Jose Javier Reyes, follow her story starting September 25, 2022. Janelle Tee plays the title role.

Anna works in a sales industry, yet her income is not enough to make ends meet. She provides for her family but can’t pay her rent on time. She’s been having a hard time for so long that she eventually resorts to making easy money. She starts working in the sex trade. The unsophisticated office worker by day becomes a seductress at night who goes by the name of Mei Ling. Anna used to have just one man in her life – Guido, her long-distance boyfriend, played by Greg Hawkins. But now that she gets in bed with different men, how will each of them affect her life? Migs Almendras plays Jason, the one who recruits Anna in the agency. He is also a long-time sex worker. Guji Lorenzana plays Benedict, one of Anna’s clients despite being a married man. Fabio Ide plays Virgil, the boss of Guido who will become Anna’s client. With her involvement with Virgil, how long can Anna keep her double life a secret? Rolando Inocencio plays Atendido, a police investigator who is going to make some intriguing discoveries.

Amidst these men is Anna’s best friend, Eunice, played by Rob Guinto. Being a liberated person herself, will she understand or criticize Anna’s choices? Don’t miss an episode of “An/Na”. Witness her struggles, her triumphs, her roller coaster ride of a life all the way to its stirring culmination. Stream it via or download the app and subscribe via Google Play Store, App Store, or Huawei App Gallery.


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